Choreographica in a nutshell

Choreographica is a integrated workflow solution for dance notation and choreography. The interface is specially designed to support the natural nonlinear process of choreography and notating dance. On a pen based computer you can work just like you are using pen and paper. But Choreographica was also designed with a smart mouse interface for ordinary computers. The editing history keeps track of your work, you can switch back any time to any place, you can even take paths to alternate versions. While the first implemented notation is Labanotation, Choreographica is build to support multiple notations in future. The file format is based on the recent standard XML. So there is hope that even when the software is no longer supported and the computers it used to run on are no longer working the data still can be I extracted. Choreographica uses a semantic representation of the notation you are writing, its not just a simple graphical editor it understands the basics of the notation. Future versions will offer a graphical validation for the notation enabling you to see what you are writing.



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