Way back, in the times where choreography ment the art of dance composition by writing down new dances in dance notation, many people were actually able to read dance notation. Notated dances were even published for a broad audience. So some dances have survived to us on paper for century's. By now unfortunately most dancers and choreographers are illiterate to dance notation. And video has replaced the arduous process of writing down dance. But video recordings will last for less than a decade before they are starting to fade. And so does the memory of dance. Choreographica aims to restart the alphabetization of dancers by state of the art technology.

Choreographica is a integrated workflow solution for dance notation and choreography now under development. Click on "Overview" for a general overview of the product. Click on "Features" to see what features are planed. Click on "Price/Availability" to see what it will cost, and when it will be released.





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