• There is no product available yet, therefore no support is available yet too!


  • When will Choreographica become available?
    (see also Price/Availability under "About") 
    - Currently the development is on hold, sorry.
  • What System will Choreographica run on?
    - XP and Higher.
  • Does it run on Mac / Linux or any other nice OS?
    - No, sorry, unfortunately I could not afford cross platform development and support multiple platforms therefore I had to chose.
  • Where can I download the software?
    - The software is not yet available, therefore you can't download the software yet.
  • What will it cost?
    (see also Price/Availability under "About") 
    - There will be two versions:
      - a standard version - planed price 238/200 EUR (inc./excl. MwSt.(VAT.))
      - a professional version - planed price 2380/2000 EUR (inc./excl. MwSt.(VAT.))
  • Do I need a pen computer to run Choreographica?
    - No, Choreographica supports both: pen input and mouse input.



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