Please note: There are a lot of features planed for Choreographica. The first release will only be a editor for labanotation. So most of the features will not be included in the first version, and some features will only be available in the professional version!

State of the art editor for Labanotation

Dance notation is more than just simply placing symbols into a electronic sheet. Choreographica understands notation, so you work on movements rather than just pushing symbols. Use the library of movement to speed up your notation. Create your own symbols in the symbol editor. Keep track of you editing in the editing history. Use the magic pen to input notation directly on a tablet-pc.


Project Manager

A Choreography may include more than just one score. The project manager helps you organising and synchronising your scores to all other media you create and collect in Choreographica.



This is just a simple electronic replacement for pen and paper. You may draw or type into it and synchronise it to the other media.



Here you combine pictures, drawings and text descriptions of your ideas.


Layout & Publication

The editors using a piano roll style for displaying the scores. The layout is done here separately and allows you to combine the different media into a publication ready for print.


Media Integration

A choreographic project my include drawings, text, dance notation, musical scores, audio and video. Choreographica offers support for a limited number of media formats selected for a presumptive long time support.


Musical Score Editor

A simple editor for music notation supporting midi and xml.


Validation & Simulation

Choreographica uses a semantic representation of dance notation making it easier to generate a human simulation out of the notation. You may validate your score visually by watching the virtual dancers.


Other Dance Notations

Future versions of Choreographica may include editors for other dance notations. This notations may be converted internally to labanotation for visualisation.



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