Defying Gravity

Choreographica is a very personal product, and this is a very personal story. The roots reaches way back to the 1980ths. I started programming previously on calculators and 8-bit consumer computers when I saw a tv-feature on a choreographer. He was stating that different from a composer who can work solitary in his room a choreographer always needs dancers for the process of composition. That was when first thougt on a software for choreography, but the technology was far not advanced enoght to achive that. Strange ideas for a 15 year old computer nerd. On an affordable computer in this days you could only animate two simple dancers.

Anyhow I had a strange affaction for dance like a image stoved into my mind. And strange things happend to me, like the apearence of the artifact around my 18th birthday which later became the logo for my efforts in computer choreography. But the computer nerd I was, I did not start dancing as I maybe should - poor boy. In this days, still as a schoolboy, I developed a desktop publishing soltution used by ten thousands of users enpowering them to use (and missuse) their creativity. The software payed my rent for many years and enabeld me finaly to start dancing when i was 25 (now or never). So I found out what that engraving in my mind was good for.

But the doors for what I had to do were closed, so I chosed the back door and started my orignal Computer Choreography/Choreology Project. Two products: Labanpad for Newton and Limelight for Mac were under development when Jobs decided the company's future lays in selling music and gadgets. Sure the decision was good for the shareholder value, but bad for dance, because I had to discontinue my development on that two discontinued platforms. Anyhow I began to run out of money in the late 1990ths and had to work on other projects for my rent. Than I decided to finish my study's (I made my final exam in summer 2007 becoming a "Magister Artium").

Technology evolved during the years and in 2006 plans begun to restart my Computer Choreography/Choreology Project. But even now it's still defying gravity.



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